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Another year has passed by so quickly with lots of excitement technologically that will ultimately help to recover the environment. From an increase in the use of fuel cells, to a greater number of electric cars, to water treatment systems that help keep the oceans in balance, so much is needed to restore harmony from an environmental perspective. Is it coincidental that as these discoveries are so desperately needed, we are beginning to see the dramatic effects with the weather? As the polar bears lose their habitat, snow is piling up in the UK, closing down Heathrow and leaving people stranded. With tornados manifesting themselves in Oregon where it was unheard of, certainly the extreme weather patterns would suggest there is a change coming. Whoever said it never rains in Southern California? When Tsunamis and other natural disasters destroy countries that are unable to cope, shouldn’t we try to protect where we are and what we have as best as possible? Nature is larger than everyone and can destroy even those who think they’re untouchable. We must try harder and be grateful for all we have.

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Tracy Lyons has just signed an agreement with South Bay Music Group who will represent the singer-songwriter’s music for placement into film, television shows, movie trailers, commercials and video games. South Bay Music Group founder Seth Berg states, “We are very excited to have Tracy on board and we look forward to seeking out music placement opportunities.”

Since 2001, Tracy has written and released two critically acclaimed albums – 2002’s debut album ‘Surrender’ followed by 2006’s ‘I Will’ which contained “Save Me,” a powerful environmental music video on YouTube that has captured over 600,000 plays to date.

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We had hundreds of entries in the Environmental Trivia Challenge but only three lucky winners. And the winners are…..

– First Prize: Gavin B. from Nevada
– Second Prize: Sue F. from Minnesota
– Third Prize: Barbara D. from North Carolina ….

Hello there,

I’m back home and it feels good, but already, I miss being on the road
with Everclear, which was an absolute blast!  Everyone associated with
Everclear was fantastic to us.  As well, the Paper Tongues were an exciting
new band to be with.  We were thrilled to be part of a group of bands
who were embraced by true music fans at every stop.  We so appreciated
the amazing response and support, particularly during these difficult times.

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