We Send Our Support

Our hearts go out to the people on the east coast and beyond. From hurricanes creating vast flooding to earthquakes occurring in places that have never felt them before; and from wild fires blazing to extended droughts; we send our support to the people affected by these natural disasters. By itself, hurricane Irene has caused so much damage, to think another may follow is unimaginable.

How does anyone recover from such tragedy? Although overwhelming, we must look to the future with hope and promise that technology and government involvement will help to create the circumstances necessary to reverse the ongoing destruction of our environment. Are these disasters caused by global warming, or is this just mere coincidence that our waters are warming and the polar ice caps are melting? Regardless of the conditions, everyone is subject to the powerful effects of nature. Ultimately, we will only be able to protect ourselves when we truly protect our environment through the respect it so deserves.

With Concern,