Tracy Lyons has just won the award for Best Folk/Acoustic Artist at the Hollywood Music Awards.  The awards ceremony took place on November 20, 2008 at the Hollywood Highlands in the world famous Kodak Theater complex in Hollywood, CA.  For more information, visit

By KRISTY BULLER, Correspondent

The latest in a long line of Irish performers, Tracy Lyons has always treasured her Emerald Isle heritage. Green flows the blood in her veins.

But since moving to the United States in 2000, Lyons has grown a little greener. Through her music, she’s encouraging others to be more conscious of the environment.

“I think even to care is sort of the first step,” Lyons said in a telephone interview. “The increase in allergies and asthma and autism is so related. It’s one big circle. If you want to be aware, I think that’s great. And once you are aware, it’s hard to turn that off.”

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Moscow-Pullman Daily News
Tracy Lyons says that when we harm the environment, we are harming more than our surroundings. We are harming ourselves. Lyons, a singer-songwriter whose lyrics focus on the environment, is headlining Saturday’s Rock the Earth: University of Idaho’s Earth Day Celebration.

Lyons, who also is an environmental activist and National Resources Defense Council advocate, is performing as part of her 2007-08 Mercury Rising Tour. Her vision for the tour is to draw attention to the issues of global warming, alternative/clean energy solutions and the negative effects of pollution on our health.

Lyons said she has firsthand experience with the way toxins in the environment can affect health.

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Tracy Lyons Kicks Off Tour – Mercury Rising Tour begins tonight as part of WSU’s Sustainability Smackdown.
By: Tamara Vallejos – The Daily Evergreen

Imagine discovering that your body was being poisoned by mercury and other life-threatening toxins, simply by performing the basic and essential task of breathing.

For musician Tracy Lyons, that discovery was an eye-opening reality. The singer, who split her time growing up between Northern Ireland and Canada, has since become an environmental activist, working to raise awareness of pollution’s health consequences.

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