Tracy Lyons New Tour To Focus On Green, Use Fuel Cell
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Singer-songwriter Tracy Lyons is setting off on her Mercury Rising tour next week and bringing the green with her. A longtime activist and supporter of the National Resource Defense Council, Lyons plans on using her tour to draw attention to global warming, alternative/clean energy solutions and the negative effects that pollution has on health. From the article,

“The Eco-Stage for Tracy Lyons’ Mercury Rising Tour will be powered off the grid by environmentally-friendly bio-diesel and will feature a state-of-the-art hydrogen fuel cell. As well, information will be provided on the latest clean energy technologies and education about critical initiatives driving environmental action. The tour’s carbon footprint will be offset by the purchase of carbon credits for anything that can’t be accomplished directly using clean energy technologies.”

Composting? Waste diversion through recycling? We’re not sure if Lyons has hooked up with a group like Reverb to outsource the “greening” but we’re hopeful the clean energy ain’t the only thing being addressed.

And congrats to Lyons — she managed to come up with the first environmental song that doesn’t cause me to cringe. Entitled, “Save Me”, it’s already received over 250,000 views online. Check it out below. Her official site is available here.

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