Change, Change, Change

At last, there is a change in government! It perhaps is the most important change ever – not only for the United States but for global progress as well. No matter what your perspective is about government, all we can hope is that with this change, the focus on environmental challenges will come to the forefront.

There is no time to waste, as diseases such as lung cancer are on the rise among those who have never even smoked, and disorders like Alzheimer’s are no longer reserved for just the elderly. Something needs to be done. The epidemic among diseases related to the environment is often overlooked typically until it is too late to reverse the damage.

It is only with outspoken support through organizations such as Natural Resources Defense Council (, Global Green (, and Environmental Defense Fund (, that permanent change can be truly achieved. Hope coupled with action now needs to be the focus to ensure that our planet remains healthy for those that we leave behind.

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